Let us take you on a kayaking tour or a snorkel trip and show you the loveliest spots on Carriacou!

Trips & Tours

Let us  show you the loveliest spots around Carriacou! Discover exciting mangrove forests, coral reefs & beaches!

We can create customised tours for you, or you can choose from the following half day & day trips:

Sandy Island Snorkel Trip
Let us guide you on a snorkelling trip taking in the beautiful shallow coral reefs around Sandy Island. There is a lovely white sandy beach and palm trees provide shade. We can run this as a guided half day trip or we can just drop you off on the beach to explore the island all by yourself!

White Island Snorkel Trip
Spend a day on one of the loveliest cays to the South of Carriacou! Perfect for picnics and snorkelling, White Island features a soft white sand beach, shady forest and fringing coral reefs, perfect for all the family to explore.

Mangrove Forest Kayaking Tour
Explore the picturesque mangrove forest along Tyrrel Bay - a perfect trip for bird watchers and photographers! The waterways in the mangrove are full of life - you should allow at least 2 hours for your tour. We can also combine a kayak tour & snorkel trip at lovely Black Sand Beach!

Snorkel Trips Kayak Tours in Carriacou Grenada

Events at Arawak Divers

Come & join us for our events and meet our lovely team!

Lionfish Grill BBQ Carriacou Grenada
Free Lionfish BBQs
On most Saturday afternoons!

Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean region. Their voracious appetites do untold damage to stocks of juvenile reef fish. This tasty fish is easily caught, and one important way to control the spread of this invasive species is to ask for it in the fish market and at restaurants. The intention of the free BBQ at Arawak Divers is to get everybody to taste the fish and see how good it is!

Beach Clean Up Carriacou Grenada
Beach Clean Up
Help us keep the beach clean!

We all love going to the beach - for diving, snorkelling or just to walk along on a lovely morning! To make the beach a place for everybody to enjoy we need to keep it clean - at Arawak Divers we like to get likeminded people together to remove the debris along the water line and in the shallows to make Tyrrel Bay Beach safe & clean.
To find out when the next clean up is happening, just send us an email or call (1  473) 443 6906.

Tours & Trips Price List

Prices are per person and based on a minimum of 2 people. For a little extra we can include all the makings of an island picnic for you or catch some tasty lionfish to grill to make your trip really special!

Sandy Island Snorkel Trip (incl. snorkel equipment use)
Half Day Guided Trip ..... US $48.75

Drop-Off & Pick-Up ..... US $30.00
(Choose your own drop-off & pick-up times anytime between 9 am & 4 pm)

White Island Snorkel Trip (incl. snorkel equipment use)
Half Day Guided Trip ..... US $65.00
include a Lionfish Grill and soft drinks (Water/Coke/Sprite) & rum punch for just US $15 extra per person!

Drop-Off & Pick-Up ..... US $45.00
(Choose your own drop-off & pick-up times anytime between 9 am & 4 pm)

Mangrove Forest Kayaking Tour (incl. fully equipped kayak & snorkel equipment use)
Two Hour Guided Tour ..... US 65.00

Half Day Kayak Tour & Guided Snorkelling at Black Sand Beach ..... US $80.00